Upgraded Internal Routing X-Gravel Bike Frame US

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The X-gravel 2 is an upgraded version of the popular GJ01, maintaining the original design and materials with added optimizations. Notable improvements include internal cable routing for reduced drag, enhanced performance, and a sleeker aesthetic. GJ02 seamlessly blends contemporary style with the original design’s popularity. Backed by GJ01’s proven success in sales and customer validation, GJ02 offers a reliable and versatile choice, catering to both practicality and aesthetic preferences in the market.


Type:  New Gravel frame disc

Frame: X-Gravel 2 (Flat mount)

Seatpost :  400 x 27.2mm

Material:  Toray T700 carbon

Weave:  UDM/Painting

Weight: Fork-570g (UDM)

Frame painting: 49cm-1260+-20g, 52cm-1290+-20g, 54cm-13200+-20g, 56cm-1350+-20g, 58cm-1380+-20g

UD Matt: 49cm-1185+-20g, 52cm-1220+-20g, 54cm-1265+-20g, 56cm-1300+-20g, 58cm-1330+-20g

Headtube:  1-1/2″,1-1/2″


Available size: 52/ 54/ 56/ 58cm

Max tire size:  MTB-29er x 1.95inch   Road disc-700C x 45mm

Cable plug: Internal Cable Routing

Axle:  100*12mm/142*12mm

Rotor Size: Front-140mm; Rear-140mm

Package included: Frame+fork+seatpost+headset+thru axles+hanger


Increased Tire Clearance for Enhanced Comfort 

The X-gravel 2 features a complete carbon frame incorporating a lowered chainstay, providing generous clearance for tires up to 700x45mm or 27.5*1.75 inches. This design guarantees a lightweight, responsive cycling experience with outstanding control across various terrains

Flexible Mounting Possibilities 

Equipped with numerous attachment points for cages, bags, and fenders, the X-gravel 2 is well-prepared for extended tours, bike packing adventures, or your everyday commute, providing unmatched versatility.

Cutting-Edge Gravel-Specific Geometry 

Introducing an innovative gravel-specific geometry, the X-gravel 2 features  an extended chainstay length and precisely adjusted trail value, enhancing the bike’s handling and stability. This design guarantees a seamless ride over uneven terrains, exceptional control during descents, and efficient power transfer for climbing. From the geometric design of this frame, it is evident that it is exceptionally well-suited for long-distance cycling, providing a high level of comfort.

Streamlined Internal Cable Routing and Sealed Axle Design 

The sealed thru-axle design not only achieves a sleek appearance for enhanced aerodynamic performance but also maintains a clean, aerodynamic profile. Complemented by internal cable routing, this feature not only elevates the bike’s aesthetics but also shields cables from the elements, ensuring smoother operation and reducing maintenance requirements.

BSA bottom bracket 

The BSA bottom bracket’s threaded design not only adds to the overall strength of the bike but also simplifies maintenance, allowing for easy installation and removal. Additionally, the BSA standard ensures compatibility with a wide range of cranksets and components, providing flexibility for cyclists when upgrading or replacing parts. The availability of replacement parts for BSA bottom brackets and carbon frames with this design is widespread, facilitating convenient maintenance.

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