DJI Mini 3 (DJI RC-N1)

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Are your looking to DJI Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC-N1) for your golf playing experience better,Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own DJI Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC-N1).


4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
Powerful imaging with true-to-life colors and cleaner night shots. Enjoy 5.1K/50fps or 4K/120fps video recording. [1]

O3+ Transmission, 15km Range
With a transmission distance of up to 15 km, [2] fly farther and more stably with peace of mind and a smooth 1080p/60fps [3] live feed.

Unmatched Hasselblad Imaging
Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) delivers vivid, natural colors, allowing you to capture breathtaking images during any flight.

Omnidirectional Sensing
Mavic 3 Classic continually senses objects in all directions and bypasses them quickly and smoothly [4] for safe, confident flights.

46-Min Extended Flight Time
Increasing flight time by almost 50% compared to Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 3 Classic delivers up to 46 minutes in the air for care-free creation. [5]

Extensive Accessories
DJI RC features a built-in 5.5-inch HD display for clear viewing in strong light, professional-grade ND filters for landscape photography, and more, to make results truly stand out.

Thrilling Immersive Flight
Experience immersive FPV when you use DJI goggles along with the DJI RC Motion 2[6]. Enjoy true-to-life colors, accurate details, and motion controls that make flying captivating.



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