Alpha 86 Pro

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Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset
Material   Alpha Pro: Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800
Size  700C
Rim  Finish: UD Matt
Drills:20/24 Holes
Width: External:25mm

Internal :18.35mm

Depth  86mm
Profile  Tubeless Ready
Hub  Novatec Hub (A291SB-SL/F482SB-SL)
Spoke Pillar SA1423 Spokes
Spoke Count  Front: 20   Rear: 24
Spoke Pattern Front:Radial

 Rear: 2-cross
Nipple  Alloy  Color: Black
Cassette Compatibility  Shimano 11 speeds
Wheelset Weight  Alpha Pro: Total: 1758g (Front: 800g  Rear: 958g)
Brake Surface  3K Carbon Braking Track
Rider Weight Limit  232lbs / 105kg
Guarantee  2 years
Free  1 set of skewer

Brake pads

Packing Size  81.5cm x 17cm x 65.5cm


ICAN realizes that more and more racers are using tubeless tires, but there are still many people using clincher tires. In order to be compatible with both market demands, the Alpha rim wheelsets developed by ICAN supports both TUBELESS COMPATIBLE and clincher tire.

Better Aerodynamic

The rims developed by ICAN have better aerodynamics, which can support tires of 25-32c. ICAN wheels have more advantages.

  • Tubeless optimized design
  • Greater comfort
  • Outstanding puncture resistance

Alpha Rim Road Wheels


One of the biggest bars to getting into triathlons and time trials is cost. That is why we created our Alpha 86 Pro carbon fiber wheelset. These wheels will give both a standard road bike and a time trial/triathlon machine a considerable speed boost. They will help you slice through the air with ease. Even better is they will not take a huge slice out of your wallet.

To bring you an 86mm deep section aero wheel we have turned to Toray to use a mix of their carbon fibers. We use their T700 and T800 carbon fiber cloth. We use this mix as we have found it allows us to build you a stiff and strong set of wheels, that we can sculpt into a modern wide and blunt aero shape.

As well as doing this it allows us to keep the weight down. Because even if you are only after aero gains having a lighter set of wheels helps to make you feel better. To keep the wheelset comfortable, not something that is often said about 86mm deep rims, we have made sure that the rim is also tubeless-ready.

As you will be flying along the road, we have also upgraded the brake track. Our new brake track can withstand temperatures of up to 300° from our old base of 240°.

We have gone with Novatec F428SB-SL, and A291SB-SL sealed bearing hubs, and aero Pillar spokes to help keep the wheelset affordable. Both Pillar and Novatec, like ourselves, bring you high quality at a highly affordable price.


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