Garmin CT10 sensors are used to track your golf club movements and provide data to improve your game. Here are the steps to use Garmin CT10 sensors:

  1. Install the batteries: The CT10 sensors require CR2032 batteries. Open the battery compartment on each sensor and insert the battery with the positive (+) side facing up.
  2. Pair the sensors: Turn on your compatible Garmin device and bring it within 10 feet of the CT10 sensors. Go to the “Sensors” menu on your device and select “Add Sensor”. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair each sensor with your device.
  3. Attach the sensors to your club: Each CT10 sensor has an adhesive pad on the back. Clean the club surface where you want to attach the sensor, remove the protective film from the adhesive pad, and press the sensor firmly onto the club.
  4. Calibrate the sensors: Before you start playing, calibrate the sensors by setting the club type and selecting the correct club in the app. This will ensure accurate data tracking.
  5. Play golf: Once the sensors are paired and calibrated, simply play golf as you normally would. The sensors will track your club movements and provide data on your shots, such as club head speed, swing tempo, and more.
  6. Review your data: After your game, you can review the data on your Garmin device or in the Garmin Golf app. Use this information to analyze your performance, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time.

Note: Make sure to remove the sensors from your clubs after your round is over to prevent damage to the sensors or your clubs.