1. Make sure the control box is in the OFF position (“O” will be in the down position) and the USB DONGLE IS REMOVED FROM THE COMPUTER!
2. Open TGC 2019 the way your normally would and wait until you get to the Main Menu. (the screen where you see your profile character)
3. Plug in your USB Dongle and turn your box ON (in that order) then press ENTER on your box. This should connect the box to your computer. Solid green light should appear on box. (Wireless Boxes go to sleep after 30 to 45 seconds of no activity. Hit the ENTER button on your box to WAKE UP box from sleep).
4. Open the Roxor Golf Software and choose the TGC 2019 profile from the list on the left.
5. Minimize the Roxor Golf Software and proceed back to TGC 2019
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